Match Fishing Rules

                                                                   Alban Lakes Match Rules

  • *The 3 End Peg Anglers Must Always Do The Weighing In. If You Draw These Pegs You Must Stay Till The End.
  • NO Elasticated Feeders Allowed. Only Guru X Safe Feeders.
  • * Your Own Nets Must Be Put Out Behind Your Peg To Dry. And Put In 5 Minutes Before The Start Of The Match.
  • * No Surface Fishing.
  • * No Fixed Rigs To Be Used.
  • * Only Fishing Up To Boys Expect Pegs 1,2&3 That Can Fish To The Far Bank.
  • * 60 LB MAX Per Net. No Mixing Of Carp And Silver Fish.
  • * Mixing Of The Fish In Net That Net Will Be Disqualified.
  • * No Baiting The Swim Before The Start Of The Match.
  • * Any Unused Swims To Your Left Or Right Can Only Be Fished Half Way To The Next Swim.
  • * Rods Must Not Be Left Unattended Or Left Fishing At Any Times.
  • * General Fishery Rules Also Apply To Matches.
  • * Any Queries Please Speak To The Fishery Manager – Andy.
  • * Any Of The Rules Broken During The Match You Will Be Disqualified
  • * Fishery Pellets Must Be Used On The New Match Lake Expect (Open Matches)

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